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TusaPopular music stars Nicki Minaj and Ciara are back! They have coincidentally been featured on collabos featuring Latina artist.

Latin music is making a mark on the global music stage, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

Nicki Minaj, Karol G – Tusa

The twosome makes for a great collaboration on the November release ‘Tusa’. The Colombian Grammy winner Karol G holds her own against the legendary lyricist Nicki Minaj. A collaborative effort, Nicki is also known as Nicki The Ninja sets the pace with her rap which even sees her drop bars in Spanish before she sings her heart out. The two are a match made in heaven, proving that music is limitless, not defined by language or nation. 

IZA, Ciara, Major Lazer – Evapora

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Rayvanny I Love YouNovember is shaping up to be a month of great releases as we gear up for party season, and as such there are a few notable releases that you should be listening to.

The Tanzanian music titans Wasafi Crew WCB have delivered a trio of releases in just a fortnight. Despite being busy with the planning and execution of the Wasafi Festival that happened in Dar es Saalam on the 9th of November, the Wasafi crew have proved that they are the bigwigs of Bongo music.

Here are the top three releases from the Wasafi crew:

1.Diamond Platnumz- Baba Lao

Platnumz bigs himself up in the ultimate self-glorifying track ‘Baba Lao’. Putting himself on the same level as Tanzanian President Magufuli, the Makonde people and more, Chibu is not shy is singing his own praises.

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Joeboy ft Mayorkun Dont Call Me BackAfrican stars are really working hard to release new music oftenly. Some of the new releases include Just Admit it from Bey T, JoeBoy with Don’t call me back and Yemi Alade with Vibe visuals.

Bey T is one of Kenya’s fastest rising stars. The Empawa100 finalist came back home after a few weeks of training with Mr. Eazi and the Epawa team chock full of information, self-awareness and some serious drive. Keen to take on the industry, Bey T will take down anyone who stands in her way, and the track ‘Just Admit It’ proves just that. The Kenyan belle is more than a pretty face and sets the record straight, alerting all the haters to steer clear of her path.

Joeboy – ‘Don’t Call Me Back’ feat Mayorkun

Joeboy has released the third track this year. Signed to Mr. Eazi’s Banku Music, Joeboy has teamed up with Mayorkun to drop a touching track. Singing about a difficult and painful situationship turn into a break-up. According to Empawa, ” ‘Don’t Call Me Back’ sees Joeboy draw inspiration from a real-life relationship gone sour. He showcases his knack for melodic, tuneful hooks alongside fellow Nigerian, Mayorkun.

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OtileNovOtile Brown is the sexy crooner every Kenyan girl fawns over.

The Kenyan vocalist has added to his music repertoire with a new release dubbed ‘This Kind of Love’. Jacob Obunga known to many as Otile Brown penned and performed the release ‘This Kind of Love’ that dropped last night, November 4th much to the delight of his fans.

Rising to fame with the track ‘Imaginary Love’, Otile has managed to sustain and grow fan interest in his music within a few years. With tracks such as ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Aje Anione’, one could say that Brown is an expert at singing about this thing called love. And ‘This Kind of Love’ is full of some interesting revelations. Among his most touching lines involve him opening up about what some suspect to be intimate details of his relationship with his Habesha ex-girlfriend Nabayet. However, many did notice that the track ‘s lyrics are highly emotional, he seems confident and sizzling hot in the video.

Otile opens his heart, getting vulnerable with fans. In the opening stanza, he sings “Umenifunga kwako roho..yes umenifunga mi nyororo kwa roho…wabaya wanasema eti haunifai, wanasema eti unahali na mi, kweli hii ni penzi kwa imani…”

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Yemi Alade Shake Duncan Mighty 4Yemi Alade, the Nigerian video queen, returns with a new visual for "Vibe."

It is the fifth track on her latest album, Woman of Steel, and, like the rest of the album, it presents a more liberated, more confident, no-holds-barred Alade.

The album, she's said, "is all about drawing the inner strength that you have in you and being the superhero that you've always needed." In "Vibe" we hear the artist speaking on sexual liberation and coming to terms with the" vibe" of love she wants.

This is just one more video in the incredible repertoire of the most watched Nigerian female artist, but it doesn't disappoint. The video has some of Alade's signature moves: impeccable color coordination, vibrant sets, feel-good choreography and abundant smiles.

"Vibe," directed by frequent video collaborator Ovie Etseyatse, shows Alade hanging out and dancing with friends—well-dressed, beautiful and incredibly talented dancer friends—as they alternate between settings while Alade professes the type of romance she's in the mood for.

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Harmonize UnoTanzanian superstar Harmonize is back with another club banger titled ‘Uno’.

This is the first single from Harmonize who recently left Diamond Platnumz’s Wasafi label to start his own management label, Konde Gang.

Contrary to thoughts that the singer’s Italian wife Sarah was rubbing off on him considering the fact that Uno is one in Italian. According to the 25-year-old Bongo singer, his new track is about the waist which is kiuno in Swahili.

Harmonize praises Tanzanian singer, Ray C’s ‘boneless’ waist as she is known to shake her waist in unbelievable ways like she does not have any bones restricting her. He goes on to say in Congo, they have Fally Ipupa who is also known for his fluid waist moves. Adding that the best waists movers come from Congo.

He shades Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan by saying she misses his former boss’ Diamond Platnumz’ bedroom prowess.

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selena gomezInternationally acclaimed singer Selena Gomez has dropped her second new single of the week with the more upbeat, club-primed song, ‘Look At Her Now.’

This single released on (24.10.19) follows the self-love ballad, ‘Lose You to Love Me’ which as severally reported is allegedly inspired by her relationship with Justin Beiber. The song sounds like a part two to the single released a day ago.

After recovering from a bad relationship and learning to love herself, Gomez is ready to move on completely. “She knows she’ll find love/Only if she wants it,” she sings on the bridge after detailing how thankful she is that she escaped her bad past.

“It was her first real lover His too till he had another Oh god when she found out Trust levels went way down Of course she was sad But now she’s glad she dodged a bullet Took a few years to soak up the tears But look at her now Watch her go,” sings Selena.

“I felt having these two songs released back to back completed the story of how one can rise no matter what challenges life brings,”

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Vanessa Mdee Ft Rayvanny BadoBongo music has come a long way. And with the evolution is the development of new sub-genres with artists incorporating different genres and styles to keep things fresh and their audiences entertained.

Whether you enjoy a more laid back serenade or a club banger, Tanzanian artists have been consistently delivering new music and the fans are impressed.

Here are three artists whose recent releases have been on repeat, and we think they are definitely worth a listen:

Vanessa Mdee ft Rayvanny – Bado

Former MTV VJ and now award-winning act Vanessa Mdee has teamed up with fellow Tanzanian Rayvanny for the track ‘Bado’. The release has a unique sound combining electro-pop with bongo beats for a truly unexpected sound, new to the East African audience.

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davido19October is a busy month, and for those who are already counting down the days to December, October is a great segway into the ultimate party month.

Here are a few afrobeat releases from Davido that are set to keep you rocking this October :

1. Chris Brown feat. Davido – Lower Body

Chris Brown and Davido have teamed up again for the second time, and it is pure magic. The duo released the audio for the track ‘Lower Body’ on the eve of October 3rd, 2019. Davido opens the track with a simple stanza that sets the rhythm for the track. With a gradual rise in tempo; Chris Brown does a great job in the background while Davido’s talent shines through. A surprising twist is Chris Brown’s Naija intonation.

2. Phyno feat Davido – Ride For You

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RayvannyBongo star Rayavnny could care less about Willy Paul’s theft allegations and he has gone ahead to release his version of the contentious ‘Chuchuma’ song.

This is a few weeks after the Kenyan controversial gospel artist released a song with a similar title. On Saturday (05.10.19), Rayvanny uploaded on YouTube his ‘Chuchuma’ song which he has slightly changed to ‘Chuchumaa’. The three-minute song features a bevvy of girls twerking to the song.

The drama kicked off a few months ago when Willy Paul and Rayvanny were set to release another collabo but things took the wrong turn.

Beef arose between the two singers before they could release the collabo which was to be named ‘Chuchuma’. In the process, Rayvanny uploaded his version of ‘Chuchuma’ on his social media handles and promised his fans that he was set to give them a new song, solo project, a move that angered Willy Paul, who then accused the ‘Tetema’ hitmaker of stealing his ideas.

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