nyashinski17aRapper Nyashinski on Tuesday released two songs becoming a top trend on all social media platforms.

The rapper, who broke the internet becoming the first Kenyan artiste to hit two million views with a lyric video, released Aminia and Malaika hits.

In Aminia the rapper goes hard on critics touching in his top Christian hit Mungu Pekee whose lyrics video hit two million views.

He urges young people to keep working hard and believing in themselves.

In Malaika the celebrated rapper went soft and emotional with a love song featuring an acting couple in the music video.

The lyrics of the song have been quoted by Kenyans online who celebrated the accomplished rappers ability to take on different genres.

The songs which have been causing such a buzz on the interwebs,have already garnered more than 164,000 views and 94,000 views for Malaika and Aminia respectively.