mauaYour Favorite girl band, The Band BeCa are back with a new single, Maua, which is a cover song. The original song Maua was written and recorded by Eric Zealani, an uprising singer, songwriter and instrumentalist.


Band BeCa has achieved some great milestones since breaking out in 2016 as professional musicians and their immense talent, coupled by their vocal prowess, good branding and consistency has made them to be one of the most sought after performers in the business today.


Listen to the track below as produced by Saint P and even we wont be having visuals for this project, super producer Kevin Provoke made sure the lyrical video is quite enjoyable as you sing along to this hit.

The beautiful duo have sang toka which introduced them to Kenyan music lovers,then cane the club banger brathe and their third release was titled tonight with popular female rapper Petra.