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webeblogWabe is a club banger by two thirds of the popular Kenyan music group P Unit namely Frasha and Gabu featuring Kenya's most sought after disc jockey, Dj Joe Mfalme in the mix.

The audio was released about a month ago and clearly people loved it,based on the over 56 thousand people who viewed it on YouTube, it also got lots of airplay in most media outlets.

The song became an instant hit because of its feel good vibe, danceable, flowing lyrics, beats like no other and the most intriguing part of all, Dj Joe Mfalme 's mad scratch skills on the chorus.

A week ago the official video was released and it trended for says on social media. since then it has garnered over 76 thousand views on YouTube.

This fresh club banger was produced by one of Kenya's finest audio producers Ulopa Ngoma and Manchild. The well shot video was directed by the talented A. Macharia and was shot in Nairobi.

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Today  being the first Monday of the month, I decided to tackle the elephant  in the room which is the most frequently asked questions commonly  referred  to as FAQs about Dj joe Mfalme.

These questions  come from far and wide, from die hard fans and some from complete strangers, via social media and even personally  while on the field. Now I would like to finally the answers collectively here for  all. 

1.Do you have a Deejaying school? 

No I dont have a dj academy and instead I usually recommend people to the wide range of  academies that we have here in Kenya. 

2.Can you teach me how to scratch /deejay? 

Well unfortunately due to the hectic schedules, on radio and other events, I dont teach deejaying but I refer people to academies so that they get the opportunity to really learn . I could teach you a few scratches here and there, but there's only so much I could do, same way you cant tell a doctor to teach you how to be a doctor,you have to go to school. 

3.Where can I buy Dj Joe Mfalme merchandise? 

In the past Dj Joe Mfalme merchandise were only available to a selected few, but I have some good news for everyone, starting next month, Dj Joe Mfalme merchandise  will be available  from purchase at affordable  prices. Stay calm. 

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Kenyan gospel star Bahati is surely climbing back to the top after missing out on the Groove Awards nominations and the controversies between him and fellow gospel singer Willy Paul.

Bahati dropped a new jam two days ago titled in love which he said is different from AL his other songs.

In the song Bahati declares his undying love to the Most High and has even tried to come out of his comfort zone by chanting out english lyrics.

The video is clear and well scripted and is obviously going to be a definite hit because within the first ten minutes of its release on YouTube it had been watched more than five hundred times and over twenty comments on it.

Now two days in and a few media tours later the video has already garnered over 45,000 view on YouTube.

The audio was produced by the extraordinaire Saint Paul and his own stable EMB records. the very eye catching video was shot in South Africa by the elite video diretor Godfather.



Happy Monday everyone,it has been so cold the last couple of days and today I was just so glad to feel some sun on my face.

The Nairobi winter aside,I have a couple of fun stuff to let you in on about me,stuff that most people do not know of,stuff that is not on the media and stuff that I would not talk about every now and them but are a part of me.

There goes the 5 fun things you did not now about Dj Joe Mfalme.

1.As much as I love deejaying,I have a second love which is aviation and flying and I am seriously cointempleting taking up flying lessons next year.

2.You would probably think that me playing at clubs every other weekend that partying bug would bite me but I hate going out to party when I'm not working.I will pick my much needed sleep over some fun time at the club anytime.

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Eunice Kamau popularly known as Yuny Kamau is the latest singing sensation in town. she is beautiful, talented, a performer and definitely ready to take over the music scene. 

Her versatile style of music has already gotten her a piece of the pie cut out for her, many refer to her as The afro pop queen. 

Her latest hit Kusudi was released about a month ago is also her fourth single off her much anticipated debut album. 

It is an afro pop feel good song about the purpose of each and everyone in this world and that God is always in control. 

The song is written Mr Vee produced by the renowned Ugandan producer Kusein and video is shot and directed by the top video director J. blessing

She is also known for hit songs like Shuga Daddy, gari gari and Jemo which have continued to receive massive airplay locally and across Africa.  WATCH THE VIDEO



The road to the 11th edition of the Nigerian entertainment awards 2016 has just begun and thus they recently announced  the nomination list.

Good news is that I have been nominated in the African (Non-Nigerian) disc jockey category alongside DJ Lebbie of Sierra Leone, Dj Bossman of Libya, Dj Mensah of Ghana, Dj Slick Stuart & Roja of Uganda and DJ Vyrusky of Ghana. 

The 2016 NEAs is it only focused on recognising Nigerian entertainers but african entertainers like me in general. The prestigious awards ceremony will be held on September 4th,2016 in New York City.  Over the years in the craft I have received many nominations,won of some of them and lost some but at the end of the day, it feels great when the people appreciate your talent,so am quite honored to be nominated as one of the top African deejays by this continental awards ceremony. 

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Released about two weeks ago, usiku mchana is a beautiful collaboration between two of Kenya's finest femces, Kaka empire's Femi one and Xtatic. 

Usiku Mchana is a collaborative effort with fellow rapper now turned singer Xtatic, a partnership that seems to have worked out quite well for the two because the song is getting a lot of airplay on Kenyan media. 

The song is about how people, lovers, partners and friends always having insecurities that the money and fame might change you.

The song with its sweet melody and flow that makes you want to replay it over and over again only reassures you that one person will still remain true and humble even when the fast life comes along. 

However, the music video is yet to be released but according to the two, the video will soon be out. 

Femi one came into the limelight a few years ago and she has made her name for herself as a rapper whose style and skill on the mic is unmatched with her peers. 

On the other hand, Xtatic has been in the game for much longer and she is one of the most notable female rappers in Kenya. Last year she released her mixxtape and this new song with Femi one was long awaited  as her official  comeback to the music scene. 

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After the release of their catchy new single “Colors of Africa” featuring superstar Diamond Platnumz and DJ Maphorisa, South African duo Mafikizolo are gearing-up to their upcoming headlining performance at the 13th edition of Koroga Festival.

Mafikizolo is set to excite Nairobi fans with their signature Afro-beats, and Zulu and Sotho lingo on Sunday, 31st of July, 2016 at the urban lush backdrop of Arboretum Gardens.

 Mafikizolo’s latest collaboration sees the duo Nhlanhla Nciza and Theo Kgosinkwe working with DJ Maphorisa again, whom they had worked with on their smash-hit “Khona.”

 As much as this is not the duos first time in Kenya, their fans will have an experience like no other of their unique South African sound, their great stage presence and of course  their impeccable sense of fashion. 

 Though their last album was in 2013, Renuinted, Koroga Festival fans will likely get a taste of what the duo is working on.

 Mafikizolo has also recently worked with one of Kenya's finest Jaguar on a definite club banger titled I'm going nowhere which is currently receiving a lot of airplay on Kenyan media. 

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Good afternoon readers! Have you been missing the weekend party show The rave with Dj Joe Mfalme? Here's why.

As of Saturday 4th of June 2016,your favourite weekly party show dubbed The rave with Dj Joe Mfalme that aired every Saturday night at 10pm on K24 TV officially stopped airing and has now moved to an international platform.

The show that you have all grown to love and catered for your party needs,was solely designed to offer an alternative Saturday night plan for the last two years that the show has been on air.

I would like to extend my appreciation to K24 TV and the entire MediaMax Network LTD for choosing to work with Dj Joe Mfalme LTD.It truly has been a pleasure to work alongside a great team of technicians and producers.Also,for giving me the opportunity to entertain millions of viewers via one of Kenya's reputable TV stations.

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Hello there everyone! It's been such a longtime aye?

Well the Joe Mfalme website has been under reconstruction in order to be the best platform for you to connect with me.

The all new and improved  Dj Joe Mfalme website went live officially  on Friday 3rd at 12.30 after being unaccessible  for about two months while it was still in the works.

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