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Do’s and Dont’s of a Pro DJ

Hello everyone!

Let’s get right into it and today I will delve into the world of a professional deejay.Like I said last time,there are very many deejays nowadays,but very few are professional disc jockeys sorry to say.

So here is what sets a part every other DJ Tom,Dick and Harry from a professional one like me and few others.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of a pro deejay in my perspective.

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Opportunity by Kayvo K Force ft Morris Mwenda

A few weeks ago, street boy Morris Mwenda burst into the seams after a video of him speaking in fluent English emerged in social media.His message to fellow Kenyans was that you should not judge street families too harshly simply because the difference between them and any ordinary Kenyan is that they lack ‘Opportunity’.

He managed to move millions with his message, so much so that he appeared on National television and shortly after, was sort after by some of the biggest names who were interested in adopting him.Meanwhile Kibera based rapper popularly known as Kayvo K Force seems to have been one of the many who was moved by Morris as he went on to pen an inspirational new song title Opportunity with the inspirational words of Morris Mwenda taking the part of the hook in the new song.

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Are you ready for the next edition of koroga festival?

Koroga Festival organizers are pleased to announce international jazz legend Manu Dibango will be headlining the 12th edition of its concert series, devoted to showcasing leading artists from all over Africa through music, fashion, food and arts.

Call your friends, save the date and buy your tickets early because the “Soul Makossa” Cameroonian musician is set to delight festivalgoers on Sunday, May 8th, 2016 at Nairobi’s lush Arboretum Gardens.

Credited with starting the rich and spirited conversations between jazz and African styles of music – building bridges between continents through tradition and sounds of the future – Dibango is a living legend with a music career that spans more than five decades.

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Meet the fashion designer competition winner!

A couple of weeks ago,Joe Mfalme LTD advertised a competition for fashion designers who were supposed to take up the challenge of sending in something unique,fresh and designs that would give each of the hundreds of designers an edge over the other.The winner would have the ultimate opportunity to designWell after it was all said and done we had our winner.His name is Kelvin Muraguri aged 22 years,a fourth year fashion design and marketing student at the Kenyatta university.

The soft spoken Kelvin had what it takes which wowed me and the team the creativity of the illustrations,uniqueness,which included tie & dye and draping based designs as well as his good communication skills set him apart from his worthy competitors.“I believe in my creativity and more people should see my work Even if I didn’t win I was positive that I would use my designs some where else and I have also participated in other competitions,”said Kelvin in a short interview when he came to collect his prize money. He also intimated that he found out about the competition via a friend on Thursday as the competition was coming to an end on Friday.He only managed to send in his creations in the nick of time.

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