joestandardHello everyone! I hope that the holidays brought nothing but good cheer to all of you and your families just like they did on my end.

Nine days into 2017 and I have a few words that should be vital if you are gearing up for a prosperous year.

First off,pray and write down your goals,its said that if you write your goals down you will be more motivated to accomplish them, plus God will surely answer your prayers.

Don't forget to work hard,give it your all no matter the kind of job that you do, don't procrastinate,the time is now or never, if its that business idea get on it,there's no right time to start the only time you have is now,today.

Time management will also play a key role,set your clock ahead of time,wake up earlier,rest well,get to work early,being early gives you the advantage of setting your mind right for the tasks ahead and arriving to that work meeting 15 minutes early sets good precedents

Lastly,get a good team to help you accomplish your goals and dreams,a team helps you to push forward, a team that will push you out of your comfort zone,work with you side by side tirelessly, encourage you and also be your biggest critics on the good and the bad.

Those few pointers have worked for me and I intend to keep on reaching for greater heights with them.Cheers to a successful 2017 to you all.

Last modified on January 09 2017

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