Avril0818Kenyan award winning singer, songwriter and actress Judith Nyambura also known as Avril has released a new single titled In Love.

The hit starts with a preamble of a clip of her cuddling her baby girl out is the sun.

Mother and daughter are captured enjoying some girl time as Avril sings:

“When I see you smile… when I see you laugh… these are the simple things my baby.”

In Love is an Afro pop song that speaks to all the couples who are in love.

Avril had this to say about the song, "This beautiful song was written by Tommy Flavour with me at the back of his mind. It is a song i believe will resonate with every person who is truly in love and every couple that has ups and downs in their union but still manage to push through."

In Love was written by Tommy Flavour, produced by Saint P and video directed by J Blessing.

Avril has given Pace the publishing rights to the new hit with its video only available on their website and appears as unlisted on her YouTube page.


jayzThe list, curated annually by Forbes Magazine features a number of artists who have remained on the list for years as well as a few newcomers. The biggest shocker of the list is that Rapper Jay Z has overthrown mogul Diddy on the number 1 spot which he has held for years. Those listed here are the top ten rappers who are raking in some major cash. Accumulatively, hip hop’s ten highest earners made $422.5M; the equivalent of Ksh4.2T.

10.Kanye West – $27.5M

Chicago native Kanye West raked in $27.5M for his music, ( as a rapper and producer) as well as his deals with Adidas and clothing line Yeezy.

9.Future – $30M

“King’s Dead” rapper is not doing too badly. With a new album out “Hndrxx,” he has gone on to grow his brand; curating the soundtrack for “Superfly” which came out in June 2018.

8.Pitbull – $32M

After being part of the FIFA 2014 anthem, Pitbull’s influence has made gains worldwide. He teamed up with Britney Spears and Enrique Iglesias; for a recent world tour.

7/6.Nas/ Dr. Dre – $35M

These two are hip hop’s greatest. The two have been great at leveraging their names for major business deals. Nas’ tech investments and Dre’s manufacturing deals have catapulted their earnings.

5.J.Cole – $35.5M

In the middle of the Dreamville Tour at the time of this writing; J.Cole’s latest album has carried him onto new success. Cole has been very influential with his work serving as a commentary for society. The 2018 album “KOD” secured his place as a top earner.

4.Drake – $47M

“God’s Plan” rapper, Drake has made some major cash this year. Releasing a new album “Scorpion”, the rapper’s personal scandals have only served to grow his audience and increase sales. He also went on a tour dubbed Aubrey and the Three Amigos earning himself a hefty sum. The clothing line and record label OVO continues to be a major contributor to his annual earnings.

3. Kendrick Lamar – $58M

Not only does he have great music; but 2018 was the year for Kendrick to make a transition to creating soundtracks for movies. With a great piece “All of the Stars,” and a couple of great awards including the Pulitzer Prize for Music, Lamar has had quite the historic year.

2. Diddy – $46M

P.Diddy, Puffy, Diddy…whatever you might want to call him; P.Diddy has had a great year. The Bad Boy ventured back into reality television with the show ‘The Four’ starring himself alongside DJ Khaled, Megan Trainor. His vodka brand Ciroc as well as clothing brands keep him a top earner.

1.Jay – Z – $76.5M

Sean Carter plays no games. After welcoming twins with his wife Beyonce; the power couple paired up for the “Love Is Everything” album which was followed by a world On The Run II tour. This year, Jay-Z has largely remained scandal-free; and has been basking in the aftermath of his success.

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