Good afternoon readers! Have you been missing the weekend party show The rave with Dj Joe Mfalme? Here's why.

As of Saturday 4th of June 2016,your favourite weekly party show dubbed The rave with Dj Joe Mfalme that aired every Saturday night at 10pm on K24 TV officially stopped airing and has now moved to an international platform.

The show that you have all grown to love and catered for your party needs,was solely designed to offer an alternative Saturday night plan for the last two years that the show has been on air.

I would like to extend my appreciation to K24 TV and the entire MediaMax Network LTD for choosing to work with Dj Joe Mfalme LTD.It truly has been a pleasure to work alongside a great team of technicians and producers.Also,for giving me the opportunity to entertain millions of viewers via one of Kenya's reputable TV stations.

The move to an international platfrom was in a bid to expand to the international market,to grow the Dj Joe Mfalme brand ,to entertain more and more viewers from all around world.Something that I am very excited to do and hope that you my fans will make the move with me in September this year so as to enjoy top notch entertainment on an extensive platform.

Finally, I would like to thank you my fans,supporters,viewers for the continued love and support so far.For tuning in every Saturday night,enjoying the show and sending in your feedback.I couldn't have done it without you.

More details regarding this move, the new show will soon be unveiled to the public as time goes by and when everything is all worked out.

Thank you.

Welcome to My New Site

Hello there everyone! It's been such a longtime aye?

Well the Joe Mfalme website has been under reconstruction in order to be the best platform for you to connect with me.

The all new and improved  Dj Joe Mfalme website went live officially  on Friday 3rd at 12.30 after being unaccessible  for about two months while it was still in the works.

This new site promises to keep you updated with Dj Joe Mfalme's events, lots of photos, mixxes, music reviews, tips on the craft and news of what's up, promos, opportunities, merchandises and shows.

It also comes with a new cozy feel, it's clutter free,highly responsive,  its user friendly of both the Web version  and the mobile version  thus enabling  you  dear reader to enjoy the site, browse longer and keep coming back over and over again!  

Lastly regarding mixxes, the new site has a special feature for all of you Dj Joe Mfalme mixxes junkies where you can now download mixxes DIRECTLY from the site. 

Enjoy the site and feel free to send in your feedback on how you feel the changes. 

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