Kaka Empire's CEO King Kaka released a new song called Mr 254 after his recent club banger Besha shigana that has been doing very well on Kenyan charts.

Mr 254 celebrates the pride that is being a Kenyan. It is a celebration of all those Kenyans who wake up every morning and work to make sure kenya is a better place.

"Mr 254 celebrates kenyans who are making strides and working hard to ensure our country is a better place. The inspiration for Mr 254 came from the hustla spirit of Kenyans. We are all Mr and Miss 254's,' says King kaka.

The song was produced by Johnttez Krucial at EMB Records and mix and masteres by Yo Alex at Homeboyz studios.

Mr 254 video was shot by Johnson kyalo for Empire Films.



dt8Hello everyone!

As it has been the norm for the last 7 months, a new double trouble mix by Dj Joe Mfalme was released last week.

This new audio and video double trouble mix is all about Kenyan old school music because what’s not to love about Kenyan music? It’s also as a way of celebrating Kenyan talent and the pioneers of Kenyan music. It features the all-time legend, the late E-Sir among many others.

Dj Joe Mfalme is on a quest with these Double trouble mixes which is to cover all popular genres of music by the end of the year thus catering to the vast number of fans who are into different genres of music.

The 8th double trouble mix – Kenyan old school edition by the award winning Dj Joe Mfalme is available for download directly on the site, on the mixes section for both the audio and video.

Check out the site for more mixes and the next double trouble edition will be available for download on the first Friday of next month.


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