TraceStarting this Thursday 1st September, TRACE is proudly launching a new music channel called TRACE Mziki to cater for its East African fans and in it Kenya's most sought after disc jockey has a slot to bring you nothing but the best video mixes every Saturday at 10pm EAT in a show dubbed TRACE Mziki video mix.

When asked about this new lucrative deal the elated Capital Fm mixmaster said, "I am definitely very happy for this opportunity as I'll be exposed to new markets around Africa considering that the newly launched TRACE Mziki channel will be showing in over 15 countries across Africa."

Music lovers from East Africa can look forward to the best in contemporary East African music on TRACE Mziki, channel 323. The channel will feature music hits as well as exclusive specials, documentaries, Hip Hop, R'n'B, Afro Pop, Gospel, Reggae and the best Video Mixes. TRACE Mziki will also broadcast a selection of the best of rest of Africa and international urban acts that are massively popular in East Africa.

TRACE CEO Olivier Laouchez said: “TRACE is already the leading music brand in Africa. This new localised music channelswill help promote more artists and it will better serve the strong need of the local audiences for great local content”.

TRACE Mziki which is set to air on DSTV channel 323 will offer a variety of content from localised shows such as Guest Star which puts the spotlight on todays hottest African stars, Focus, Urban Gossip and Top 10 themed programming.


Deejaying is not as easy as ABC,its a craft,a skill that takes a while of practice to master.

Not only does deejaying need a lot of practice, one also needs to learn from professionals as much as some guy in your neighborhood can teach you how to scratch.Thus you need to enrol into a reputable deejaying school,there are so many in Kenya and therefore you are spoilt for choice.

Once you've enrolled, you will have to learn the very basics like the components of a turn table even before you get to the practical part.For example in Journalism,they are taught the elements of a good news story,the 5Ws and H of a story even before one can go out there and cover a story.

I too started here and here are the three most important things I learnt in deejaying class.

Beat Matching - You are taught how to count beats to every song at the chorus and verses.Then they teach you how to drop songs at the right beat count.

Beats Per Minutes (BPM)- You're taught the different type of songs that have different tempos.

Blending - They teach you how to mixx from one song to another varying with the BPM and beat count.

Every great deejay has started from the basics and moved way up.These basics go a long way in guiding you in your career.So take time to learn and practice as well.


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