kamakawaidaKagwe Mungai, Mayonde, Fena and Muthoni Drummer Queen team up for the release of #KamaKawaida.

The catchy banger single #KamaKawaida sets the tone to a fabulous 2017!

The video, shot by Skinny Filmmaker aka Jenny Muigai, has a relaxed feel about it; you can tell that the people who got together to make this magic are people who were just having fun, hanging out, and it turned into a video, spread across varied Nairobian/urban backdrops; an artsy house, what looks like it could be a local park, and of course, where a typical Kenyan can be found, the club.

The collaboration between these three queens and Kagwe Mungais fierce production skills is veritable in its own right, and is the second in a series of ongoing magic also featuring Just A Band vocalist and producer Blinky Bill.

Mayondes honey-laced vocals lead in to the track with your classic humble brag lyricism, followed by what feels like Fenas latest foray into the world of flow (which I am absolutely loving, by the way, and she gave us a little leg to boot, which almost never happens), and then Muthoni The Drummer Queen brings it home in the third verse.

The song in itself, Kama Kawaida, is about how Kama Kawaida, we kill it as usual, were killing it. Killing whatever youre doing the scene, the day, life, adulting you can take your pick and make this trap-inspired Camp Mulla reminiscent flavourful tune your soundtrack.



DjJoe2017 has started off just right with a nomination as one of 100 most influential young Kenyans in the lifestyle category by Advance media.

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The initiative is intended to disclose the true and genuine potentials of young people who are earnest to turn around the fortunes of Kenyas economy and whose works are at par with their impacts. It is also expected to serve as a source of encouragement to these young individuals whose commitment towards stimulating growth is undoubted.

Its an absolute honor to know that my work impacts young men and women like me positively.That they look up to me,they are taking notes and that platforms like these see and appreciate what I do.I cannot take it for granted.

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