ZikkiKenyan Dancehall Star Zikki teams up with the renowned International Jamaican reggae and dancehall Mega Tarrus Riley to release his first single titled Kamata from his upcoming album.

Zikki rose to fame a couple of years ago with his hit song Take it Slow featuring top Kenyan musician and now member of Parliament Charles Njagua aka Jaguar. However, this rising star is back after a long hiatus.

Shot on the beaches in Portmore, a coastal city in Southern Jamaica, the video fires off compulsive rhymes full of vibes with a jolly flow into bikini clad dancers.

The love song blends the East African and the Jamaican/Carribean vibe into a harmonious bond of Swahili with Jamaican patois (Patwa) powered by the melodious voices of Zikki and Tarrus Riley.

Tarrus also took time to learn a little Swahili, dropping a few lines like “Napenda vile wakata, wakatisa kata, tako matata!

The song was released three days ago and has already garnered 68,000 views on Youtube.

Kamata is a definite club banger and it was produced by So fresh, Mixed and Mastered by Jukeboxx. The video was shot by JAY WILL (game over).



yemialadeNigerian songstress Yemi Alade serves up ultimate summer goals in her recent music video titled how I feel.

"How I Feel," is her first single of the year, and the last since the release of her third studio album in 2017 dubbed Black Magic.

The music video, directed by Ovie Etseyatse sees the singer in an ethereal setting, living her best life while relaxing on a beach in Dubai and in the desert, where she serves up some stellar looks.

This song is nothing like the Yemi Alade we usually get, as it's a simple love song without her signature 'Mama Africa' vibe. On the track, she bares her heart, explaining how she feels towards her significant other: "I've fallen completely, my baby you too set oh, my baby you get sense oh".

The crisp video sees her cosy in a beach setting, revelling in her feelings of love. Her skin is popping, her body is mad and she generally just looks happy, which is what we imagine love should feel like. This is a new space for Yemi Alade.

The song has already started getting airplay on Kenyan media platforms. It’s also trending on Youtube and has already garnered over 1 million views and counting.


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