boaThe Shape Of You hitmaker has recorded a song in Ghanaian dialect Twi on Fuse ODGs new single Boa Me and the 28-year-old singer has revealed how Ed managed to fool locals in Ghana into thinking it was a real authentic High Life track.

Fuse said: This one Ed didnt speak a word of English in the song, just Twi and would only do it if he got it right. I showed all sorts of different types of music out there, he wanted to make a real authentic High Life track thats the old-school Afrobeats music my parents would play.

Ed is becoming a High Life legend because when I played it to people in Ghana they didnt even realise it was Ed, thats how much he sounded like the real thing. We did a test where people came to the house and the reaction was, This is crazy.'

And the Dangerous Love hitmaker who worked alongside Ed on his track Bibia Be Ye Ye, which forms part of his ‘÷’ album has revealed how the new track is about helping communities in Africa.

Speaking about the song, Ed had previously said: The best experience was I wrote a song in Twi, which is the Ghanaian dialect, and I wrote that in Ghana at Fuse ODGs house with all of his mates.

That was the most fun experience. Being in the studio with someone like Fuse its just a party the whole time. They drink this thing called Shocker, and I wont tell you what is in it, but there is a lot of stuff in it.

They drink that while they are in the studio and just go nuts the whole time. They just play this song on repeat full volume. That was probably the most fun Ive had making a song."


Last modified on November 20 2017


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