OctoNamba Nanes finest Octopizzo is back with a brand new project and as usual, it was trending moments after its release. Titled Butere, the project is Octopizzos way of appreciating the Kenyan culture.

According to Octopizzo, this new jam has been inspired by the current cultural appropriation( adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture) of the Western world.

While many have accused the rapper of forgetting his home and his people thanks to his success that has seen him traverse all across the globe, Octopizzo himself says he did this song to show that he still remembers his people and that his culture is Kenya.

All in all it is a great song from the beats which mostly utilizes the sound of traditional music from Western Kenya to the video which showcases the beauty of Butere. Definitely one that will dominate both the TV stations and the airwaves for weeks to come.Butere is just simply a celebration of the Kenyan culture and identity that has already garnered over 9 thousand views on YouTube in just two days.

Additional information : 64hiphop


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  • Alfreda Saurez
    Alfreda Saurez Sunday, 06 November 2016 07:10

    I tried this the other night and absolutely loved it! Already craving to have it again.. I think next time I'll make bite-size ones with small butter-lettuce cups.. YUM.

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