A couple of weeks ago,Joe Mfalme LTD advertised a competition for fashion designers who were supposed to take up the challenge of sending in something unique,fresh and designs that would give each of the hundreds of designers an edge over the other.The winner would have the ultimate opportunity to designWell after it was all said and done we had our winner.His name is Kelvin Muraguri aged 22 years,a fourth year fashion design and marketing student at the Kenyatta university.

The soft spoken Kelvin had what it takes which wowed me and the team the creativity of the illustrations,uniqueness,which included tie & dye and draping based designs as well as his good communication skills set him apart from his worthy competitors.“I believe in my creativity and more people should see my work Even if I didn’t win I was positive that I would use my designs some where else and I have also participated in other competitions,”said Kelvin in a short interview when he came to collect his prize money. He also intimated that he found out about the competition via a friend on Thursday as the competition was coming to an end on Friday.He only managed to send in his creations in the nick of time.

According to him,starting out was not very easy as he clearly didn’t know what he wanted to study when he cleared high school,when he finally came to the decision of fashion and design his parents were not in favor his dad wanting him to do an agribusiness related course and the mom wanting him to do an economics related course.However when the parents saw how determined he was they couldn’t help but be supportive.In the coming years Kelvin hopes to start a fashion house,that will then grow into a huge brand,he hopes to design for big names and with his target audience being  the young people,who happen to be flexible with fashion.

His response to this opportunity was “I am very humbled and honored to work with deejay Joe,not only because he is a big brand but also because  he will be able to help me to grow my brand.”When he is not in class and doing fashion related projects,Kelvin who admitted to being single said that he enjoys watching football,his favorite teams being Chelsea and  Barcelona.He also enjoys betting  once in a while with the most he has won being kshs10,000 ans lost kshs 800.Gaming is also in the list of the things he does in his free time. Fifa and call of duty being his favorites. When it comes to food,he loves,chicken,chapati and pilau. His favorite designers include Coco Chanel,Luis Vuitton,Kaveke,Polina George (Ventures) from Nigeria where he  interned for three months.

He is  set to graduate in a few weeks.Once again congratulations Kelvin!