achika'Kasayole' hitmaker Timmy Tdat has released his latest single, 'Achika' off his upcoming EP titled, Bonke.

The new release 'Achika' is a song about all the things you have overcome in life but keeps following you.

According to a press release by Anyiko PR, Timmy Tdat had this to say about the song, " Achika is all about your past catching up with you and you had already let it go. It keeps coming back despite doing everything to forget it."

'Achika' was produced by Vicky Pon Dis and the video was shot by a Tanzanian Video director, Msafiri for Kwetu studios.

"Vicky is a talented and free-spirited person. I feel like he is underrated. He has done a few of my songs and I respect his work," said Timmy Tdat.

The dreadlocked hitmaker had this to say about choosing a Tanzanian director and shooting in Tanzania, " I wanted a different feel for this video and I feel like, Msafiri has delivered. "

The name 'Bonke' is a nickname everyone used to call Timmy Tdat in Kasabun when he was a tout and garbage collector looking for money to fund his music career.

The EP has six songs that track his journey from Bonke to Timmy Tdat and the EP is slated to be released at the end of July 2019.