JEJEDiamond Platnumz’s latest release has been called out for lacking originality. The song sounds awfully similar to some popular Nigerian hits.

The father of four recently released his first single of the year dubbed ‘Jeje’ which is a feel-good sexy song that features a video vixen dancing for the hitmaker.

The sultry dancing and the song’s killer visuals are not the only things that have captured people’s attention. The beats to the song are clearly not original, something that fans were quick to point out.

‘Jeje’ is seemingly a copy and paste job from Nigerian Wizkid’s 2019 hit ‘Joro’ as they both sound the same. It is clear that the Bongo star was going for a similar vibe with his new track, he generously borrowed ideas from ‘Joro’ downright to the dancing and visuals.

Others have pointed out that the song also sounds like Burna Boys’s ‘Gbona’. It is, however, important to mention that all three songs were produced by popular Nigerian prouder Kel-P.

Recently, fans blasted Diamond whose real name is Naseeb Abdul and his Kenyan lover Tanasha Donna Oketch for stealing video concept ideas for their new song ‘Gere’ from Brazilian Iza on the song ‘Brisa’.

In 2019, he was accused twice of being a copy cat, he stole the video concept for the song ‘Tetema’ and a song from a Namibian singer.