Hello there readers!

Sometimes people wonder how to prepare for a gig and for me its as simple as ABC because its something I have grown into over the years and it has truly helped me in becoming a better deejay.

As Benjamin Franklin said,by not preparing,you are preparing to fail.I know I don’t want to fail so I always prepare and I will give you a few of my tips on how I prepare for my gigs.

I always check my gear,make sure everything is good and clean,I polish my decks every other week.I also make sure that they are always packed up and ready to go.

  • Research on the age group whether young or old so that you’ll be able to asses what will be appropriate for them.
  • Research on the number of males and females because its easier to entertain the females and once the females are happy the males go with the flow.
  • Research on the type of music they love listening to.
  • Research on the dress code because its very important as a deejay to look presentable and blend in with the event
  • Find out about the type of event.If its a launch,club night,corporate, wedding etc so that you will be more knowledgeable on what to give your audience.
  • If I’m to provide extra services like sound its important to know how many people are coming.
  • Lastly no matter how high or low the budget is,always deliver your services to your level best.

For more on what am up to during the week or where next I will be playing at or bookings please visit my various social media handles.