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TraceStarting this Thursday 1st September, TRACE is proudly launching a new music channel called TRACE Mziki to cater for its East African fans and in it Kenya's most sought after disc jockey has a slot to bring you nothing but the best video mixes every Saturday at 10pm EAT in a show dubbed TRACE Mziki video mix.

When asked about this new lucrative deal the elated Capital Fm mixmaster said, "I am definitely very happy for this opportunity as I'll be exposed to new markets around Africa considering that the newly launched TRACE Mziki channel will be showing in over 15 countries across Africa."

Music lovers from East Africa can look forward to the best in contemporary East African music on TRACE Mziki, channel 323. The channel will feature music hits as well as exclusive specials, documentaries, Hip Hop, R'n'B, Afro Pop, Gospel, Reggae and the best Video Mixes. TRACE Mziki will also broadcast a selection of the best of rest of Africa and international urban acts that are massively popular in East Africa.




Deejaying is not as easy as ABC,its a craft,a skill that takes a while of practice to master.

Not only does deejaying need a lot of practice, one also needs to learn from professionals as much as some guy in your neighborhood can teach you how to scratch.Thus you need to enrol into a reputable deejaying school,there are so many in Kenya and therefore you are spoilt for choice.

Once you've enrolled, you will have to learn the very basics like the components of a turn table even before you get to the practical part.For example in Journalism,they are taught the elements of a good news story,the 5Ws and H of a story even before one can go out there and cover a story.

I too started here and here are the three most important things I learnt in deejaying class.

Beat Matching - You are taught how to count beats to every song at the chorus and verses.Then they teach you how to drop songs at the right beat count.



KagweKagwe Mungai is a singer, songwriter and song producer who has been in the Kenyan music scene since 2012 when he released his EP It Only Gets Better. The EP featured songs and self -produced videos for Marry You and Oleku Cover. This cover was selected as one of the top 5 Kenyan covers that year.

He has a number of hits under his belt with the latest release being Hot This Year (released January 2016), a collaborative effort between himself and Kenyan female rapper and entrepreneur Muthoni Drummer Queen.

Recently announcing his signing to Taurus Musik, Kagwe hits the music scene with his new hits single Doctor

The song has major dancehall influences, while still maintaining a very African sound, with its strong & catchy lyrics & groovy beat. This club banger is bound to be on the top of your playlist.




OctoNamba Nanes finest Octopizzo is back with a brand new project and as usual, it was trending moments after its release. Titled Butere, the project is Octopizzos way of appreciating the Kenyan culture.

According to Octopizzo, this new jam has been inspired by the current cultural appropriation( adoption or use of elements of one culture by members of another culture) of the Western world.

While many have accused the rapper of forgetting his home and his people thanks to his success that has seen him traverse all across the globe, Octopizzo himself says he did this song to show that he still remembers his people and that his culture is Kenya.

All in all it is a great song from the beats which mostly utilizes the sound of traditional music from Western Kenya to the video which showcases the beauty of Butere. Definitely one that will dominate both the TV stations and the airwaves for weeks to come.Butere is just simply a celebration of the Kenyan culture and identity that has already garnered over 9 thousand views on YouTube in just two days.

Additional information : 64hiphop



Ensobosobo by cece sagini1Cece Sagini’s catapult to fame was last year when she released her hit single Feel it and later I’m a doer featuring popular rapper Octopizzo.Before this sassy Kenyan singer had been featured on Jimmy Gait’s appointment and also worked on a few personal projects.Now she has a new song that was released on July 20th 2016 titled Ensobosobo.

Sang mainly in Kisii, with a special featuring a traditional Kisii artist called ‘Nyangau’, the song speaks of pure love. It tells of a love story between two from different clans. The beats are heavy and even features Kisii instrument called the ‘obokano’ which brings a uniquely afro pop sound to the track.

Cece’s melodies tag at the heart and could have anyone reminiscing of special moments with that special someone. The song is fresh take on an ode to the sweetness of blossoming love.

As in all things African occasions, the song includes ululation and a whistle or two that makes it even more upbeat and jubilant.The wardrobe brings out the rich culture of the Kisii, celebrating what most artists have forgotten in the name of reaching a wider audience.





Good news everyone! Capital FM's Dj Joe Mfalme is yet again representing Kenya in another continental award.Dj Joe Mfalme has been nominated in the best Africa Dj category in the upcoming AFRIMMA awards set to take place in the United States in October.

The African Muzik Magazine Awards AFRIMMA unveiled the nominees list afew days ago for the 3rd edition of the biggest African music awards in Diaspora.

Following the outstanding success of the 1st and 2nd editions, AFRIMMA 2014 and AFRIMMA 2015 respectively; anticipation and expectations have hit the roof for this year’s edition set to hold in Dallas on October 15th, 2016.

This comes about a month after Dj Joe Mfalme was nominated for the Nigerian entertainment awards.On this new nomination list,Kenya's most sought after king of the decks is going up against Nigeria's Dj Spinall,South Africa's Dj Cndo,Nigeria's Dj Neptune, Angola's Dj Malvado Jnr,Uganda's Dj Shiru,Tanzania's Dj D-Ommy and Cameroon's Dj Labastille.

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maskiniblogBarbra Chepkoech Ngeno better known by her stage name Sage, is a popular Kenyan neo soul artist whose catapult to fame was her collaboration So-Alive which she released early 2013 featuring well known Kenyan and Kiberas finest rapper, Octopizzo aka Namba Nane.

Fast forward to July 2016,Sage now a mother of one, has a new song out titled Maskini which is a single off her debut album called Expose yourself which is available for download on Waabeh. com.

Maskini is a song about being helplessly in love. Sage explores the mixed emotions of loving someone who seems to be unaware of the war going on in her heart.

The love sick song has an up beat tem that makes Sage dance around in the video making it the perfect go to song when you're feeling helplessly in love.



joesimpleOver the years, there are certain things that can be attributed to my success. Some of them being God,professionalism,hard work and time management.

Those who know me or have had the chance to work with Dj Joe Mfalme LTD know that I have a knack for time keeping, that am never late and never show up for my meetings late.

Time management is a work ethic that has kept me ahead of competition, because I believe in being early not being there on time. I always have my watch or clock set ahead of time, I always arrive at meetings and events ahead of time so that I have time to prepare, to get my head in the game.

So why time management? Here is why!

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After ruling the airwaves for the past one month with their My Darling Hit,Elani are back to the scene yet again with a super collabo with Jaguar the Going Nowhere hitmaker.

Sirudiblog38.2% of women and 21% of men experience physical violence within their relationships that is the harsh reality that Elani and Jaguar try to communicate in their newly released collaborative effort.

The single titled Sirudi was released last week on radio with the video only landing on YouTube yesterday .

The artistes statement of domestic violence reads, Those we share our hearts with, those in whom we trust may sometimes turn to be oppressors and abusers from whom we must flee. With the increase in Gender Based Violence within the country it is time to say #EnoughIsEnough.

And what an impressive video it is, one that definitely fills the audience with emotions but if you can overlook the part where Bryan Chweya beats up Wamboe of Elani, then you can appreciate how well the video was shot.

The new video has been directed by the super talented directed X Antonio,produced by MainSwitch Studios under Philip Makanda.

Also no doubt this is one of Elanis biggest videos in terms of budget which could only point towards greater things to come for the group.



The month long wait of your favourite mix tape is over,the sixth edition of the double trouble mixtape by Capital FM's finest mixmaster Dj Joe Mfalme is already here and waiting for you to download it.

The double trouble volume 6 went live on the website mixes section on Friday and just like the previous volumes,it is a masterpiece that you need to download directly from the website to your phone,computer or tablet.

This new audio and video mix is all about them reggae vibes that we all love,from the best reggae artists from across different parts of the globe.Best believe that this is one of those mixes that you cannot get enough of and you will have it on replay as you go to work,shower,market, school or even at home when you're chilling with bae.

Without much further ado,download the double trouble volume 6 mix tape,enjoy it and wait for volume seven which will be released on the last Friday of the month.

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