OtileNovOtile Brown is the sexy crooner every Kenyan girl fawns over.

The Kenyan vocalist has added to his music repertoire with a new release dubbed ‘This Kind of Love’. Jacob Obunga known to many as Otile Brown penned and performed the release ‘This Kind of Love’ that dropped last night, November 4th much to the delight of his fans.

Rising to fame with the track ‘Imaginary Love’, Otile has managed to sustain and grow fan interest in his music within a few years. With tracks such as ‘Baby Love’ and ‘Aje Anione’, one could say that Brown is an expert at singing about this thing called love. And ‘This Kind of Love’ is full of some interesting revelations. Among his most touching lines involve him opening up about what some suspect to be intimate details of his relationship with his Habesha ex-girlfriend Nabayet. However, many did notice that the track ‘s lyrics are highly emotional, he seems confident and sizzling hot in the video.

Otile opens his heart, getting vulnerable with fans. In the opening stanza, he sings “Umenifunga kwako roho..yes umenifunga mi nyororo kwa roho…wabaya wanasema eti haunifai, wanasema eti unahali na mi, kweli hii ni penzi kwa imani…” The steamy video sees him sing the praises of the unique love he shares with his love interest.

One commentor noted, ” who else feels Otile recorded this song in tears” as another noted “this song hits you differently when you are heartbroken.” The release comes after Otile publicly begged his former girl Nabayet to forgive him. O.B is known to use music to mend fenses with love interests. Writing and releasing a sweet track for his ex-girl Nabayet, the track went viral and saw many tweeps rally behind the Kenyan crooner.

The track ‘Nabayet’ was only the tip of the iceberg, as Brown has been relentless in seeking out a reconciliation between him and the gorgeous Nabayet. Though there are no confirmations on what lead to their sudden breakup; it seems the two lovebirds are on now reconsidering the status of their relationship.

Last modified on November 06 2019


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