Sailors GangGengetone stars Sailors Gang are taking their fans to church with their new hit ‘Jesu Ni Mwathani’.

The award winning group known for their vulgar lyrics and twerk filled videos have seemingly reformed to release a thanksgiving song titled ‘Jesu ni Mwathani’ which translates to Jesus is Lord.

The newly released song is mostly in Kikuyu and in true Sailors gang fashion is infectious as well as catchy with lines like “bila ye life ni fogothari… Jesu ni mwathani, amen!”

The video begins with the group going up on stage to receive an award at the recently concluded Pulse Music Video awards 2019 but the scene quickly transforms into a choir session. Popular Sailors gang artist Miracle Baby is the choir master as leads the group to sing about all the Lord’s goodness in their lives while the other members are dressed as choir members.

The song has garnered over 10,000 views since it’s release. Fans are digging this new song and have lauded the group’s ability of making music for the club and now music that transcends to church.

Sailors Gang is known for hits like Pekejeng, Wamlambez and Wakiritho alongside Kenyan rapper Octopizzo.

Last modified on December 13 2019


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