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Today  being the first Monday of the month, I decided to tackle the elephant  in the room which is the most frequently asked questions commonly  referred  to as FAQs about Dj joe Mfalme.

These questions  come from far and wide, from die hard fans and some from complete strangers, via social media and even personally  while on the field. Now I would like to finally the answers collectively here for  all. 

1.Do you have a Deejaying school? 

No I dont have a dj academy and instead I usually recommend people to the wide range of  academies that we have here in Kenya. 

2.Can you teach me how to scratch /deejay? 

Well unfortunately due to the hectic schedules, on radio and other events, I dont teach deejaying but I refer people to academies so that they get the opportunity to really learn . I could teach you a few scratches here and there, but there's only so much I could do, same way you cant tell a doctor to teach you how to be a doctor,you have to go to school. 

3.Where can I buy Dj Joe Mfalme merchandise? 

In the past Dj Joe Mfalme merchandise were only available to a selected few, but I have some good news for everyone, starting next month, Dj Joe Mfalme merchandise  will be available  from purchase at affordable  prices. Stay calm. 

 4.How can I join#TeamJoeMfalme? 

This is a hard one because I know what it means to have a team backing you up but unfortunately in this case, I have a full house and therefore cannot add any more. However if there are any open slots I will put it out there.

5.I am an upcoming musician how can I send you my music? 

Kindly for all the people who want to send me their music.Use the email I am always glad to receive new music from all you talented artists. 

6.How much do you charge to play at my event? Or how much do you charge for your services? 

There's really no fixed price for my services, so for deejaying and social media influencing services, the charges vary depending on the scope of work.For starters,email the full details to and we'll start the conversation from there.

For any more questions about Dj Joe Mfalme contact  me on my ever interactive social media  handles and you will most definitely be answered. Thank you.

Last modified on July 05 2016