Released about two weeks ago, usiku mchana is a beautiful collaboration between two of Kenya's finest femces, Kaka empire's Femi one and Xtatic. 

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Usiku Mchana is a collaborative effort with fellow rapper now turned singer Xtatic, a partnership that seems to have worked out quite well for the two because the song is getting a lot of airplay on Kenyan media. 

The song is about how people, lovers, partners and friends always having insecurities that the money and fame might change you.

The song with its sweet melody and flow that makes you want to replay it over and over again only reassures you that one person will still remain true and humble even when the fast life comes along. 

However, the music video is yet to be released but according to the two, the video will soon be out. 

Femi one came into the limelight a few years ago and she has made her name for herself as a rapper whose style and skill on the mic is unmatched with her peers. 

On the other hand, Xtatic has been in the game for much longer and she is one of the most notable female rappers in Kenya. Last year she released her mixxtape and this new song with Femi one was long awaited  as her official  comeback to the music scene. 

Watch the audio video below


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